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Motivational SMS

Finish each day
and be done with it.
You have done what you could;
Some blunders and
absurdities have crept in;
Forget them as soon as you can.
Tomorrow is a new day;
You shall begin it serenely
and with too high a spirit
To be encumbered
with your old nonsense

Submitted by: Prakash
Place: Kalaburagi, India

Motivational SMS

What we can or cannot do,
What we consider
possible or impossible,
Is rarely a function
of our true capability.
It is more likely
a function of our
Beliefs about who we are.

Submitted by: Arjun Pandit
Place: Lucknow, India

Life SMS

Are you bored with life?
Then throw yourself into some work
You believe in with all your heart,
Live for it,
Die for it,
And you will find happiness that
You had thought could never be yours

Submitted by: Archana Ghuge
Place: Ahmedabad, India

Motivational SMS

All the breaks you need
in life wait within your imagination,
Imagination is the workshop of your mind,
Capable of turning mind energy
Into accomplishment and wealth.

Submitted by: Kamal Khan
Place: Pakistan

Wise Words SMS

If you want peace!
Don’t complain about others.
Change yourself!
Because, Its easier
to protect your feet
With slippers than
to carpet (the whole earth)

Submitted by: Kiran Banerjee
Place: Kullu manali

Life SMS

Life is all about a card game.
Choosing the right cards
is not in our hand.
But playing well with
The cards in hand,
determines our Success

Submitted by: Prakash Mahatre
Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Inspirational SMS

You gain strength, courage,
and confidence by every experience
in which you really stop
to look fear in the face.
You must do the thing
which you think you cannot do.

Submitted by: Gauri Sable
Place: Mahim, India

Inspirational SMS

All successful people
men and women are big dreamers.
They imagine
what their future could be,
Ideal in every respect,
And then they work every day
Toward their distant vision,
That goal or purpose.

Submitted by: Sukanya Kalan
Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Life SMS

Prayer isn’t a spare wheel that
You pull out when you are in trouble.
Use it as a steering wheel that
Keep you on right path
through out the life.

Submitted by: Priya Dutta
Place: Worli, Mumbai, India

Life SMS

Life Will Never Provide
“Warranties and Guarantees
It Can Only Provide
“Possibilities and “Opportunities
To Convert Them intosuccess !!!

Submitted by: Fatima Shaikh
Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Wisdom SMS

Wallowing in the past
may be good literature.
As wisdom, it's hopeless.

Submitted by: Abhijeet Chanchad
Place: Gujarat, India

Motivational SMS

The More You Sweat In The Training …
The Less You Bleed In The Battle

Submitted by: Maran Kannu
Place: Tamil Nadu, India

Wisdom SMS

A beautiful thought.
Always learn the wisdom of compromise,
Its better to bend a little
Rather than
To break any relation forever.

Submitted by: Sangeeta Negi Rawat
Place: Calcutta, India

Wisdom SMS

We spend our days
Waiting for the Ideal path
To appear in front of us.
But what we forget that,
Paths are made by walking

Submitted by: Juyi Mahatre
Place: Virar, India

Wisdom SMS

A Clay Pot Having Milk
Will Be Ranked Higher
Than A Golden Pot Having Posion.
It’s Not Our Outer Glamour
But Our Inner Virtues
That Make Us Valuable

Submitted by: Maran
Place: Kalyan, India

Love Messages

"If she's amazing,
she won't be easy.
If she's easy, she
won't be amazing.
Is she's worth it, you
wont give up. If you
give up, you're not
worthy...Truth is,
everybody is going
to hurt you; you just
gotta find the ones
worth suffering for."

Submitted by: Alfred
Place: Dubai

Motivational SMS

Trust yourself
Create D Kind Of Self that
You’ll B Happy 2 Live with
All Ur life
Make D Most Of yourself
By Fanning D Tiny, inner
Sparks Of Possibility In
2 Flames Of Achievements

Submitted by: Harry
Place: Powai, India

Inspirational SMS

Trust yourself
Create D Kind Of Self that
You’ll B Happy 2 Live with
All Ur life
Make D Most Of yourself
By Fanning D Tiny, inner
Sparks Of Possibility In
2 Flames Of Achievements...

Submitted by: Fatima Shaikh
Place: Lower Parel, Mumbai, India

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