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Inspirational SMS

I just hung in there.
I never gave up, and
I just said, i'm going to
Make a putt sooner or late.

Submitted by: Pratap Mohite
Place: New Panvel, Maharshtra, India

Encouragement SMS

Excellence has always
been achieved by those
Who dared to beleive
dat something inside them
Is superior to circumstances.

Submitted by: Siddhi Dalvi
Place: Colaba, Mumbai, India

Encouragement SMS

The spirited horse,
which will try to
win the race of its own accord,
Will run even faster if encouraged.

Submitted by: Colum Moger
Place: Russia

Life SMS

Life never seems to b
the way we want it,
But we live it
in the best way we can.
There’s no perfect life
but we can fill it
With perfect moments.

Submitted by: Shweta Borkhade
Place: Konkan, India

Quotes SMS

The way to get started
is to Quit Talking
and Begin Doing.

Submitted by: Sudhir Bapat
Place: Turbhe, Navi Mumbai, India

Dream SMS

Your vision will become clear
only when you look into your heart.
Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside, awakens.

Submitted by: Shruti Chawan
Place: Ulhasnagar, India

Encouragement SMS

I consider my ability
to arouse enthusiasm
Among men
the greatest asset I possess.
The way to develop the best
that is in a man  Is by
appreciation and encouragement.

Submitted by: Akshata Mategaonkar
Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Life SMS

Lyf is a song we play each day.
Every mistake we make in life
puts the song out of tune...
But keep on trying.
One day every melody
will come to its tune.

Submitted by: Ankush Chaudhary
Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Weekend SMS

Accept the challenges,
So that you may feel the
Exhilaration of victory.

Submitted by: Aparna Parab
Place: Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Encouragement SMS

Failure will never
overtake me if
My determination to succeed
is strong enough.

Submitted by: Poonam Nalawade
Place: Pune, Maharashtra, India

Inspirational Quotes

Failure will never
overtake me if
My determination to succeed
is strong enough.

Submitted by: Pratik Sharma
Place: Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India

Life SMS

Wen u run too fast to get sumwhere...
U miss d fun of geting there ...
life's not a race, so take it slower...
N enjoy the music befor the song's over.

Submitted by: Nilesh Katkar
Place: Shiwri, Mumbai, India

Encouragement SMS

Know that it's your decisions,
and not your conditions,
That determine your destiny.

Submitted by: Jammu & Kashmir
Place: Pakistan

Love Quotes

Nice to read and follow:
if you miss anything
don't fill your eyes with tears.
It may hide
yet another beautiful thing
standing in front of you.

Submitted by: Alba Mc Dowell
Place: Darkan, Mangolia

Encouragement SMS

S u c c e s s
Is built on the
A b i l i t y
To do
B e t t e r
G o o d enough

Submitted by: Raghuveer Bahl
Place: Mumbai, India

Wisdom SMS

Between the great things
we cannot do and
The small things we will not do,
The danger is that
we shall do nothing.

Submitted by: Kiran Keletkar
Place: Raigad, India

Wisdom SMS

Successful people make money.
It’s not that people
who make money become successful,
But that
successful people attract money.
They bring success to what they do.

Submitted by: Ashok Gowarikar
Place: Mangaon, India

Life SMS

Man is fond of counting his troubles,
But he does not count his joys.
If he counted them up as he ought to,
He would see that every lot has
enough happiness provided for it.

Submitted by: Divyadeep Jadhav
Place: Colaba, Mumabai, India

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