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Funny SMS of the Day

Relations SMS

"When a
relationship is
over, leave.
Don't continue
watering a dead

Submitted by: Mangal Pandey
Place: Hiranandani, Mumbai, India

Life SMS

You can win life
by all means
if you simply avoid
two things

Submitted by: Mughda Chowghule
Place: Agroli, India

Weekend SMS

Your body can stand
almost anything.
It's your mind
that you have to

Submitted by: Nameet Jaiswal
Place: Kalwa, Navi Mumbai, India

Wisdom SMS

Respect Yourself
Enough To Walk
Away From
Anything That
No Longer
Serves You
Grows You Or
Makes You Happy.

Submitted by:  Kunal Kunoor
Place:  Bareilly, India

Love SMS


Submitted by: Karthik Patel
Place: Gujarat, India

Nice SMS

Sometimes you
got to accept the fact that
certain things will never go back to
how they used to be.
Your journey will be much
lighter and easier if you don't
carry your past with you.

Submitted by: Kishor Pawar
Place: Mumbai, Mahatshtra, India

Relations SMS

Relationships are like birds,
if you hold tightly they DIE
If you hold loosely, they fly
But if you hold with care,
They remain with you for ever.

Submitted by: Naina Rawal
Place: Mysore, India

Broken Heart SMS

As a Child
We always wanted to grow up
But now we realize that
Broken Toys
and Lost Pencils
were much better than
Broken Hearts
and Lost Friends...

Submitted by: Ajit Waghmare
Place: Pune, Hadapsur, India

Break up SMS

Breakups hurt,
but losing someone
who doesn't respect
and appreciate you
is actually a gain,
not a loss.

Submitted by: Vikas Singh
Place: Guru Nanak Chowk, India

Hurt SMS

Be careful how
far you push me
I may end up
liking it there.

Submitted by: Shankar Kulkarni
Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Propose SMS

If they miss you, they'll
call. If they want you,
they'll day it. If they
care, they'll show it.
And if not, they aren't
Worth Your Time.

Submitted by: Sanjay Kapase
Place: Raigad, Maharashtra, India

Wise Words SMS

Worry is a total waste
of time. It doesn't
change anything. All
it does is steal your
joy and keep you very
busy doing nothing.

Submitted by: Heena Khan
Place: Istanbul

Hurt SMS

"The Truth is, everyone is
going to hurt you. You
just got to find the ones
worth suffering for."

Submitted by: Ananya Saxena
Place: Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu

Wisdom Quotes

Doing what you
like is freedom,
Liking what you
do is happiness.

Submitted by: Arjun Shrivastava
Place: Srilanka

Love Quotes

"I didn't need
you to fix me, I
needed you to
love me while I
fix myself."

Submitted by: Vikram Singh
Place: Rajasthan, India

Hurt SMS

The hardest
thing to
do is watch
the one You
Love someone else.

Submitted by: Ikbal Shaikh
Place: Ashirwad Colony, Beed, India

Angry SMS

There are some people
who always seem angry
and continuously look
for conflict. Walk away;
the battle they are
fighting isn't with you, it
is with themselves.

Submitted by: Rohit Shetty
Place: Vile Parle, Mumbai

Love SMS

A BOY Becomes Valuable
WHEN a GIRL Drops a
For Him
A GIRL Becomes
WHEN a BOY Drops a
For Her

Submitted by: Yogita Nigadenimbalkar
Place: Gandhinagar, India

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