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Inspirational SMS

If you're not failing
every now and again,
It's a sign you're not
doing anything very innovative.

Submitted by: Altaf Khan
Place: Hastinapur, Uttar Pradesh

Inspirational SMS

If you're not failing
every now and again,
It's a sign you're not
doing anything very innovative.

Submitted by: Altaf Khan
Place: Hastinapur, Uttar Pradesh

Motivational SMS

Growing seed makes no sound.
But falling tree makes huge noise.
Destruction has noise,
creation is always quiet.
This is the power fo silence..!

Submitted by: Scott Boyka
Place: Russia

Nice Day SMS

The interesting thing is how one guy,
through living out his own fantasies,
is living out the fantasies
of so many other people.
Have a Good day.

Submitted by: Kiran Keletkar
Place: Raigad, Maharashtra, India

Wisdom Quotes

The rewards of the deeds
Depends upon the intentions
And every person will get the reward
According to what he has intended

Submitted by: Arpita Khan
Place: Mumbai, India

Weekend SMS

My experience indicates that
most people who've accumulated
a great deal of wealth haven't
had that as their goal at all.
Wealth is only a by-product,
not the original motivation.

Submitted by: Yogesh Katkar
Place: Khanda Colony, Navi Mumbai, India

Inspirational Quotes

If people never
did silly things,
Nothing intelligent
would ever get done.

Submitted by: Amruta Khanvilkar
Place: Mumbai, India

Dream SMS

DREAM – More
THINK – High
PLAN – Perfect
BE – Confident
WORK – Hard

Submitted by: Madhuri Gughe
Place: Alibaug, India

Inspirational SMS

Wen Kids Learn 2walk,
They Keep Falling
But 2them Its Not Failing,
It’s Learning.
So There’s Nothing Called Failure.
Everything Is A Learning

Submitted by: Shraddha Dhummal
Place: Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai, India

Motivational SMS

To the question
of your life
you are the answer,
and to the problems
of your life
you are the solution.

Submitted by: Shahid Azmi
Place: Mumbai, India

Wise Words SMS

Luck is not in your hands,
But work is in your hands.
Your work can make your luck,
But your luck can’t make your work.
Always trust yourself and do your best.

Submitted by: Anil Matkar
Place: Ghatkopar, India

Friendship Messages

Always tell someone
how you feel about them;
you will feel much better
when they know.

Submitted by: Mohsin Shaikh
Place: Mohammad Ali Rd., India

Wisdom SMS

When you think
you have no chance
of getting what you want,
you probably won't get it,
but if you believe in yourself,
sooner or later,
you will get it.

Submitted by: Rahul Roy
Place: Chandigarh, India

Inspirational Quotes

Confidence On Self-
Because I Know
how to Rule MYSELF

Submitted by: Deva Rajput
Place: Dombivali, Mumbai, India

Wisdom Quotes

does not make the man;
It reveals
Him to Himself.

Submitted by: Amit Pandey
Place: Thane, India

Inspirational Quotes

Adversities cause
some men to break;
others to break records.

Submitted by: Rishikesh Patki
Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Inspirational SMS

Having once decided
to achieve a certain task,
achieve it at all costs
of tedium and distaste.
The gain in self-confidence
of having accomplished
a tiresome labor is immense.

Submitted by: Jayant Wadkar
Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Wisdom SMS

Seize the moment
of excited curiosity
On any subject
to solve your doubts;
For if you let it pass,
The desire may never return,
And you may remain in ignorance.

Submitted by: Kanchan Mehta
Place: Saudi

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