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Submitted by: Rajendra Mukhiya
Place: Patna, India
Does Much, But
Does Everything.

Submitted by: Priyanka Jadhav
Place: Khanda Colony, Maharashtra
but tough people do.

Submitted by: Puja Mohite
Place: Surli, India
The doors
will be opened
to those who are
bold enough
to knock.

Submitted by: Kamlakar
Place: Himachal Pradesh, India
Most of us, swimming against the
tides of trouble the world knows nothing about,
Need only a bit of praise or encouragement
And we will make the goal.

Submitted by: Rohini Mhatre
Place: Nashik, Maharashtra
If people maintain the belief
systems that empower them,
They'll keep coming back with
enough action and enough
Resourcefulness to succeed eventually.

Submitted by: Suchitra Katkar
Place: Lalbaug, Mumbai, India
Success lies not in the
result but in the effort,
Being the best is not at all important,
Doing the best is all that matters.

Submitted by: Ramesh Hasurkar
Place: CuffeParade, Mumbai
Decide what you want ..
Believe you can have it,
Believe you deserve it,
Believe it’s possible for you.

Submitted by: Shahbuddin Shaikh
Place: Kerala, India
Treat people as if they were
what they ought to be and
You help them to become
what they are capable of being.

Submitted by: Kanchan Mehta
Place: Rajastan, Ajmer
If colombus had turned back,
No one would have blamed him.
Of course no one would have
remembered him as well.

Submitted by: Ashutosh Gowarikar
Place: Mumbai, India
In times of difficulty some ppl breakdown....
Some ppl break records....
Leaders r born in difficulty
not in comfort zones...!!

Submitted by: Preeti Mane
Place: Kamalapur
Listen to the desires of your children.
Encourage them and
then give them the autonomy
To make their own decision.

Submitted by: Harshada Chawan
Place: Sec-12, New Panvel
Nevr get discouraged,
Bcoz nothng gr8 is ever
Achieved without patience & hope.
Remembr, it is often d last key in
D bunch dat opens d door.

Submitted by: Jyoti Patil
Place: CBD Belapur
Each of us is a star.
Sometimes we shine with the rest.
Sometimes we twinkle alone.
Sometimes when we least know it,
We make someone's wish come true.

Submitted by: Rashmi Shetty
Place: Qatar
Only 2 persons in life
are very happy in this world,
1st mad & 2nd child. . .
Be a mad to acheive what you desire and
Be a child to enjoy it without worries...

Submitted by: Sagar Dixit
Place: Old Panvel, India
The fear of failure is only
a fear of failing; have faith,
Trust and believe in your abilities
to succeed in all that you do.
Ride the waves of overcoming
inabilities by making them
abilities of joyous successes!

Submitted by: Raghav Sachar
Place: Calcutta, India
Making a true decision means
committing to achieving a result,
And then cutting yourself
off from any other possibility.

Submitted by: Sagar Karande
Place: Mulund, Maharashtra, India
When we do a task,
we’ve to cross 3 stages.
Fools stop at the 1st.
Losers stop at the 2nd.
Winners cross the 3rd.

Submitted by: Bharat Thakkar
Place: Gujarat, India
Try is a small word
that can make a big difference..
If we try, we only risk failure,
but if we dont try
then we ensure failure.

Submitted by: Steve Clarke
Place: Perth, Australia
Did - is word of achievement
Can't - is word of defeat
Should - is word of duty
Will - is word of beauty
Can - is word of power
Have a powerful day!

Submitted by: Rekha Nehwal
Place: Delhi, India
Excellence has always
been achieved by those
Who dared to beleive
dat something inside them
Is superior to circumstances.

Submitted by: Siddhi Dalvi
Place: Colaba, Mumbai, India
The spirited horse,
which will try to
win the race of its own accord,
Will run even faster if encouraged.

Submitted by: Colum Moger
Place: Russia

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