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Listen to the desires of your children.
Encourage them and
then give them the autonomy
To make their own decision.

Submitted by: Harshada Chawan
Place: Sec-12, New Panvel
Nevr get discouraged,
Bcoz nothng gr8 is ever
Achieved without patience & hope.
Remembr, it is often d last key in
D bunch dat opens d door.

Submitted by: Jyoti Patil
Place: CBD Belapur
Each of us is a star.
Sometimes we shine with the rest.
Sometimes we twinkle alone.
Sometimes when we least know it,
We make someone's wish come true.

Submitted by: Rashmi Shetty
Place: Qatar
Only 2 persons in life
are very happy in this world,
1st mad & 2nd child. . .
Be a mad to acheive what you desire and
Be a child to enjoy it without worries...

Submitted by: Sagar Dixit
Place: Old Panvel, India
The fear of failure is only
a fear of failing; have faith,
Trust and believe in your abilities
to succeed in all that you do.
Ride the waves of overcoming
inabilities by making them
abilities of joyous successes!

Submitted by: Raghav Sachar
Place: Calcutta, India
Making a true decision means
committing to achieving a result,
And then cutting yourself
off from any other possibility.

Submitted by: Sagar Karande
Place: Mulund, Maharashtra, India
When we do a task,
we’ve to cross 3 stages.
Fools stop at the 1st.
Losers stop at the 2nd.
Winners cross the 3rd.

Submitted by: Bharat Thakkar
Place: Gujarat, India
Try is a small word
that can make a big difference..
If we try, we only risk failure,
but if we dont try
then we ensure failure.

Submitted by: Steve Clarke
Place: Perth, Australia
Did - is word of achievement
Can't - is word of defeat
Should - is word of duty
Will - is word of beauty
Can - is word of power
Have a powerful day!

Submitted by: Rekha Nehwal
Place: Delhi, India
Excellence has always
been achieved by those
Who dared to beleive
dat something inside them
Is superior to circumstances.

Submitted by: Siddhi Dalvi
Place: Colaba, Mumbai, India
The spirited horse,
which will try to
win the race of its own accord,
Will run even faster if encouraged.

Submitted by: Colum Moger
Place: Russia
I consider my ability
to arouse enthusiasm
Among men
the greatest asset I possess.
The way to develop the best
that is in a man  Is by
appreciation and encouragement.

Submitted by: Akshata Mategaonkar
Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Failure will never
overtake me if
My determination to succeed
is strong enough.

Submitted by: Poonam Nalawade
Place: Pune, Maharashtra, India
Know that it's your decisions,
and not your conditions,
That determine your destiny.

Submitted by: Jammu & Kashmir
Place: Pakistan
S u c c e s s
Is built on the
A b i l i t y
To do
B e t t e r
G o o d enough

Submitted by: Raghuveer Bahl
Place: Mumbai, India
We Design

We Construct

We Observe

We initiate

We drive

We move

We accelerate the world

We are the gear of progress

We are the future of the nation

We are the engineers

And I am proud be an engineer.

Submitted by: Suyesh Tripathi
Place: Lucknow, India
Having courage does not
mean that we are unafraid.
Having courage and showing courage
mean we face our fears.
We are able to say,
"I have fallen,
but I will get up."

Submitted by: Monica Kapoor
Place: Calcutta, India
God did not promise days without pain;
laughter without sorrow; sun without rain.
But He did promise strength for the day,
comfort for the tears; and light for our way.

Submitted by: Mihika
Place: Veerangana Nagar, Kanpur Road
The thing always happens.........
that you really believe in.
and the belief in a thing........
makes it happen

Submitted by: Rinku
Place: Sangli, MH, India
Every successful man in this world has failed as many times as you have ,
so you are not far from victory

Submitted by: Soumya
Never get upset if u take more time to get success than others!
A Pyramid takes more time to build than an ordinary Building!!

Submitted by: Pinesh
winners don't do different things,
they do things differently...
so do things differently...

Submitted by: kanwarpal

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