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Facebook SMS Messages | Facebook Jokes

Facebook SMS messages and Facebook jokes. New collection of Facebook Jokes SMS, Facebook messages, Facebook text greetings, Facebook Jokes messages, Hindi and English Facebook SMS Jokes messages. Send Facebook SMS Jokes messages to your friends and family.

Banta: Santa, why are you always
on Facebook?
Santa: I like Facebook & I'm owaz
there for one
thing. It's the
only place were u can like
another man's wife
without getting slapped.
Banta: So, what about Twitter,
why are you always
there too?
Santa: Twitter is the only place
you can follow
another man's wife for free

Submitted by: Gaurang Ghag
Place: Borivali, Mumbai
Boy n girl on Facebook:

Girl:- “u never smile na??”

Boy:-“hw can u say dis??”

Girl:-“ur smiling pics r mising here”

Boy:-“ok then …do u bath daily??”

Girl:-“ya ofcorse..y u asking??”

Boy:-“no, I hvnt seen .any pic….”

Submitted by: Vivek Agarwal
Gaziabad, India

Santa just made his profile on facebook.
Ab wo sochne laga ki wall pe kya likha jaye...
bahut bar sochne ke badd usne likhaa . . .
yahan par peshab karna mana hai :p

Submitted by: Sourabh sagar

Reality Bites!!!

Kisi ki shakal itni buri nahi hoti jitni uskay ID card ki tasweer hoti hai

aur kisi ki shakal itni achi nahi hoti jitni uski facebook kay profile ki tasweer hoti hai!

Submitted by: Rhema
Place: Mumbai, India

*Latest News*
Facebook Is Being Closed This Friday Because:
Mark Zuckerberg - (Chief Executive Officer & President Of Facebook) Has Been Hospitalized With Serious Injuries, After Rajnikanth Poked Him On Facebook !!!! Xd

Submitted by: Akshaye Seebhujun
Port Louis, Mauritius

Dad writes on sons wall:
Son, Hw r u?
Ur Mom & I m fine & v mis u a lot.
V wish 2 c u.
So Plz turn off ur PC & cum dwnstairs 4 dinner =):-):-)

Submitted by: Riddhi
Place: Raipur, MH, India
Beeti hui zindagi ki kuch itni si Kahani hai,
Beeti hui zindagi ki kuch itni si kahani.

Kuch khud Barbad hue.

Kuch"orkut"aur"Facebook"ki Meharbani hai.

Submitted by: Rinku
Place: Sangli, MH, India
fighting style-
1980- nukkad par mil tu!

1990- adde pe aa tu, batata hu!

2000- sport club pe mil, dekhta hu tujhe!

2011- ab aa tu facebook pe!!!

Submitted by: Bhavika
Place: Vallachira, Kerala
Old dialoge new style.." mere pas facebook he, twitter he,
orkut he..tumhare pas kya he..haaii ?
A Wise man reply " Abe oye mere pas KAM-DHANDHA he samje..

Submitted by: nitu 
Modern world- Ek aadmi ka Ye Sun Kar Heart fail Ho Gaya
Jab uski Kaam Waali Baai Ne Kaha,
Sahab! Facebook Pe Mujhe Bhi Add Karlo;-)

Submitted by: Siddhartha
Place: Anna Road, Chennai
Facebook is like jail,
you sit around and waste time,
write on walls, and
get poked by people you don't know.

Submitted by: Sarita Goswami
Boy asked God, Why she loves rose which dies in a day,
but doesn't love me who dies for her every day?
God replied, Mast hai! Put it on Facebook!

Submitted by: Rajendra Saini
Bhopal, India
Behind every status update..
there is a...
Ctrl + C
Ctrl + V

Submitted by: Raje
Place: Nagpur, India

New Age Poem-
Chatting Chatting, Yes Mama,,
Setting a Girl Friend?? No Mama,,, ......
Telling Lie?? No Mama, Open your Facebook Account..
('.') /) (\ / \ Ha ha hahahahhah ha

Submitted by: jeni

Golu ki wife margayi
molu usko chup karane
k Bad-tujhe kuch chahiye

Golu- Jaldi se Laptop
le aa

Molu- Q ?

Golu - facebook pe status
change karna hai……

Submitted by: Om
Place: Bastar, Chattisgarh
Malkin - Tu 3 din kam
pe nai ayi ?

Kamwali - maine toh
facebook pe update kiya tha,
“Mein ja rahi hun”

Apke pati ne commnt
b kia tha:

“Miss U ;)”

Submitted by: Sanvi
Place: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Attitude Of Young Generation
They Luve “Facebook”
They Hate To “Face” The “Book“-:)

Submitted by: Anvi
Place: Durg, Chattisgarh
An ordinary person will be with books …
An extra-ordinary person will be in that book…
Be an
extra-ordinary person like me!
I’m on Facebook

Submitted by: Aradhya
Place: Vill.Sandhaur, Punjab
Just wanted to let u know
that you are my BFBFF...
Best Face book Friend Forever..

Submitted by: Mihir
Place: Yemmiganur, Andhra Pradesh
Dad joined facebook.
Kid`s status update: "Dad on FB, wtf!"
Dad commented, "What is wtf?"
Kid replied him, "Welcome to Facebook!"

Submitted by: Rhema
Place: Mumbai, India

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