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situation is not your
final destination

Submitted by: Pravesh Mohite
Place: Pune, India
Think of the hopes that lie before you,
Not the waste that lies behind;
Think of the treasures you have gathered,
Not the ones you've failed to find.

Submitted by: Jyoti Patil
Place: CBD Belapur
I just hung in there.
I never gave up, and
I just said, i'm going to
Make a putt sooner or late.

Submitted by: Pratap Mohite
Place: New Panvel, Maharshtra, India
If you're not failing
every now and again,
It's a sign you're not
doing anything very innovative.

Submitted by: Altaf Khan
Place: Hastinapur, Uttar Pradesh
If you're not failing
every now and again,
It's a sign you're not
doing anything very innovative.

Submitted by: Altaf Khan
Place: Hastinapur, Uttar Pradesh
Wen Kids Learn 2walk,
They Keep Falling
But 2them Its Not Failing,
It’s Learning.
So There’s Nothing Called Failure.
Everything Is A Learning

Submitted by: Shraddha Dhummal
Place: Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai, India
Having once decided
to achieve a certain task,
achieve it at all costs
of tedium and distaste.
The gain in self-confidence
of having accomplished
a tiresome labor is immense.

Submitted by: Jayant Wadkar
Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Imagination is more
important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited.
Imagination encircles the world.

Submitted by: Mukesh Singh
Place: Uttar Pradesh, India
Forget about all the reasons
why something may not work.
You only need to find
one good reason why it will.

Submitted by: Pallavi Mathur
Place: Badlapur, India
There are no great
people in this world,
only great challenges which
ordinary people rise to meet

Submitted by: Chiman Gupta
Place: Bhayander, India
A leader has the
Vision and Conviction
that a dream can be achieved.
He inspires the
Power and Energy
to get it done.

Submitted by: Kailash Keer
Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
For true success ask
Yourself these four questions:
Why not?
Why not me?
Why not now?

Submitted by: Jayram Khanolker
Place: Virar, Maharashtra, India
You gain strength, courage,
and confidence by every experience
in which you really stop
to look fear in the face.
You must do the thing
which you think you cannot do.

Submitted by: Gauri Sable
Place: Mahim, India
All successful people
men and women are big dreamers.
They imagine
what their future could be,
Ideal in every respect,
And then they work every day
Toward their distant vision,
That goal or purpose.

Submitted by: Sukanya Kalan
Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Trust yourself
Create D Kind Of Self that
You’ll B Happy 2 Live with
All Ur life
Make D Most Of yourself
By Fanning D Tiny, inner
Sparks Of Possibility In
2 Flames Of Achievements...

Submitted by: Fatima Shaikh
Place: Lower Parel, Mumbai, India
Impossible is a word
To be found only
In the dictionary of fools.
Life is a rope
That swings us through hope
Always believe today is better than yesterday
Tomorow will be much better than today.

Submitted by: Vishwas Aapte
Place: Srinagar, Jaamu Kashimir, India
Believe In Yourself
And All That You Are
And Know That There Is
Something Inside Of You
That Is Greater
Than Any Obstacle

Submitted by: Harish Bhalerao
Place: Chinchwad, Maharashtra, India
If you always put limits
on everything you do,
Physical or anything else.
It will spread into your
work and into your life.
There are no limits.
There are only plateaus,
And you must not stay there,
you must go beyond them.

Submitted by: Baban Lokhande
Place: Kalyan, India
There will be little rubs
and disappointments everywhere,
and we are all apt to expect too much;
but then, if one scheme of happiness fails,
human nature turns to another;
if the first calculation is wrong,
we make a second better:
we find comfort somewhere.

Submitted by: Niranjan Mehta
Place: Rahimatpur, India

Submitted by: Arjun Pandit
Place: Raigarh, India
Whoever u may be,
Wherever life leads u,
U r always
a Mom’s child,
a Dad’s dream,
a Family’s future,
a Friend’s heart &
Someone’s life!
Be d best of it.. ”

Submitted by: Anita Dalvi
Place: Nariman Point, Mumbai
"Never design your character
like a garden where anyone can walk .
Design your character like the sky
where everyone desire to reach.

Submitted by: Arohi Khanna
Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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